Make the switch to Solar Power in Arizona, it’s easy.

Step 1

Get a free quote to see how much you can save with solar.

Step 2

Set up a consultation to make sure your home is a good fit for solar panels.

Step 3

Sit back while we take care of the design and installation of your solar energy system.

Choose the right residential solar plan

With all of our residential plans, you’ll get a unique and customized system, a 20 year power output warranty on your panels, and a team of solar experts to walk you through the process. The only difference is how you decide to go solar in Arizona.

Solar Purchase

Buy solar panels outright and see immediate monthly savings on your power bill.

  • No monthly Solar payment 
  • Product & workmanship warranty**
  • Upfront cost, keep tax credits & incentives
  • You own the system

*Best investment option for tax credits and high return

Solar Lease

Lease solar panels for no money down and get guaranteed solar production.

  • Low monthly Solar payment
  • Product & workmanship warranty**
  • No upfront cost
  • Reduce summer bills by up to 50%

*Best option for immediate savings 

Solar Loan

Pay for your panels over time with an affordable monthly payment.

  • Low monthly payment to financing partner
  • Product & workmanship warranty**
  • Little to no upfront cost, keep tax credits & incentives
  • You own the system

*Best option to claim tax credits without upfront investment